Pawn is a word that is often misunderstood. 

It literally means to deposit items as security for money borrowed. In other words, we loan you cash and hold on to your stuff in order to back up your loan. 

We calculate the value the item can be sold for at a discounted rate from retail and would typically pay half that amount. This varies based on the item. 

You can only lose your pawned item if the loan defaults. We would then sell your item to recover the amount we loaned on it.

Absolutely! In 30 days when your pawn comes due, you may choose to pay just the interest listed on your pawn agreement and keep it held for an additional 30 days. We will review your pawn agreement with you to make sure you fully understand how our process works.

A loan extension means you pay to extend the amount of time you have to pay the loan off. The amount of interest you pay is calculated by the amount of time you need.

We sure do! If you find an item you want to purchase but don't have the cash, you can put a deposit down on the item and make payments until the balance is paid in full.

We can provide a rough quote over the phone, but cannot give the actual loan amount until we see the item in person.

Yes, we do! We will buy or trade your new, old or broken gold. We pay top dollar and with high prices today now is the time to liquidate your unwanted jewelry.

The price is determined by the spot price of gold and varies from day to day.